Friday, 18 May 2012

New Packaging

We at TRB Chemedica are currently in the process of updating the packaging of our products. Our customers will have already noticed the new Vismed multi bottle which now comes in a new easy-to-use "Just squeeze" dispenser bottle. Vismed single-dose vials as well as Vismed light have also changed their appearance. Vismed gel will follow in 2-3 months' time.

In the orthopaedic product range used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, Ostenil Plus and Ostenil mini have also been transformed in appearance, with Ostenil to follow shortly. Ostenil Tendon is an exciting new product used for the treatment of tendinitis and already reflects the new packaging style.

Last but not least, Viscoseal now comes in a totally new presentation: in syringe form, which makes it easier to handle in the operating theatre.
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Monday, 14 May 2012

Sports Rehab & Trauma Conference 2012

Sports Rehab & Trauma Conference 2012
With the biggest sporting tournament on Earth about to come to London in the summer, there has been enormous interest from medical, surgical and rehabilitation specialists in the UK as to what tips and techniques clinical specialists from around the world might have to offer when it comes to keeping their athletes in tip top form.

At a very busy sports medicine and trauma meeting, held at Chelsea Football Club’s Stamford Bridge Football Ground, over 1000 delegates from all over Europe listened to presentations and seminars, given by some of the world’s leading sports physicians and surgeons, on rehabilitating sporting champions when they have picked up injuries.

The Isokinetic (International Conference on Sports Rehab’ and Trauma), which ran over 2 days (21-22 April 2012) was supported by TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd, who had a trade exhibition stand at the event. Many of the problems raised by delegates visiting the stand related to maintaining optimum performance for athletes during arduous competitive seasons.  Traumatic and degenerative changes in articular joints are very common amongst top athletes, irrespective of which sport they play. Relieving pain and enhancing range of motion in articular joints are key factors in helping get these athletes back to peak form, and this was a theme that came up regularly in all the key presentations throughout the meeting.

The Ostenil Range of non-animal derived Sodium Hyaluronate injections, manufactured by TRB Chemedica, are specifically designed and licensed for the treatment of traumatic and degenerative changes in synovial joints. Not surprisingly, many of the specialist medical and physiotherapy delegates stated they already had experience with Ostenil and Ostenil Plus, and the fact that Ostenil is the only Sodium Hyaluronate product recommended in the formulary for the up - coming games reinforced their trust in the product range.

TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd will be attending a host of sports medicine and surgical meetings throughout the rest of 2012, and our staff look forward to speaking with medical and rehabilitation specialists about the Ostenil range, and how it can help keep their patients at the top of their game!