Friday, 10 August 2012

New Treatment of Tendon Disorders: Ostenil Tendon

New Product Launch: OSTENIL® TENDON

For the treatment of pain and reduced mobility
due to tendinopathy
TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd have today announced that they have taken the successful OSTENIL® range concept into a new realm: that of the treatment of tendon disorders. OSTENIL® TENDON is a visco-elastic solution of 2% hyaluronic acid and 0.5% mannitol for peritendinous or intrasheath injection, and is designed to restore tendon function, by reducing pain and improving tendon mobility.

How does OSTENIL® TENDON work? The macro-molecular characteristics of sodium hyaluronate, already proven in their effectiveness in osteo-arthritis, increase the gliding effect and reduce adhesions – the tendon functions again as it is fully lubricated. At the same time sodium hyaluronate blocks the pain receptors and inhibits the movement of inflammatory mediators. This prevents the inflammation from getting any worse.
OSTENIL® TENDON is presented in a pre-filled syringe with 2ml content for single application. It contains 2% fermentative sodium hyaluronate (40mg/2ml), it is completely free from animal derived protein and therefore particularly well tolerated. 10mg Mannitol has been added in order to protect the sodium hyaluronate from premature degradation by free radicals, thus stabilising the solution and reducing the rate of deterioration (Mendoza 2007). OSTENIL® TENDON is injected around the affected tendon or into the tendon sheath.
Peter Hunt, Managing Director, said, “We are very excited about OSTENIL® TENDON and feel confident that it will benefit many people with impaired tendon function.”