Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What to do after joint injections

You have just had an injection with hyaluronic acid to treat osteoarthritis, but what else can you do?

Exercising helps to prolong the benefit
of hyaluronic acid joint injections

After your injection with OSTENIL® hyaluronic acid (or: sodium hyaluronate) into your knee joint, or other synovial joint, you may want to utilise and prolong the positive effects of the treatment and get your joints moving again. Your Physiotherapist or GP can give you some helpful advice on which exercises and type of activity would be most suitable to further improve and stabilise your joints.
Here are some ideas:

Knee, shoulder and hip:

  • Frequent exercising that won't put too much pressure on the joints: e.g. swimming, walking, cycling
  • Specific physiotherapy exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint
  • Reducing weight
Fingers and toes:
  • Regular movement exercises to maintain joint flexibility
  • Bathing fingers and toes in warm water to reduce pain
  • Stretching fingers and toes as far as pain allows
Back joints:
  • Strengthening and stretching abdominal muscles (back and stomach muscles)
  • Relaxing painful back muscles by applying warmth, e.g. hot water bottle

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Relief from Dry Eye for Blepharitis Sufferer

Dry Eye Relief with VISMED® MULTI

Hilary Fallon suffers from dry eye which is caused by blepharitis. She treats the symptoms using VISMED® eye drops. This is what she had to say about her condition and how VISMED® eye drops have helped her to find relief:
"Dry Eye feels quite sort of scratchy, hot and irritable. It is most uncomfortable when you are either in an air-conditioned space, like an aeroplane, or it's windy or too hot. ... The most important thing is to be able to have some eye drop like VISMED® that you can pop into your eyes to take the sort of stinging, uncomfortable feeling away. You just have to tilt your head back and pop a drop in, so they are very very easy to administer. You don't need anyone to help you. And it's a very convenient little bottle to just pop in your handbag or whatever."
You can watch Hilary on this YouTube clip.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser

Some interesting facts about the VISMED® MULTI or VISMED® GEL MULTI dispensers from TRB Chemedica:
  • Each bottle contains up to 250 drops of VISMED® (0.18% Sodium Hyaluronate) or VISMED® GEL (0.3% Sodium Hyaluronate), making them an economic alternative to the classic mono-dose vials;
  • The dispensers are safe to use up to 3 months after first opening;
  • No preservatives are included in the solution; instead the containers are kept contaminant-free by an innovative and award-winning bottle design.
You can find more information on VISMED® MULTi here: ; and on VISMED® GEL MULTI here: .

Friday, 9 May 2014

VISMED® MULTI Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser

It is a well-established fact that preservatives in eye drops should be avoided as they may worsen the patient's condition.
But keeping contamination out of a multi-dose bottle without the use of potentially damaging chemicals is a challenge. At the same time, the ideal container should not be difficult to use, particularly for the elderly or those with weak finger joints.

TRB Chemedica have developed an easy-to-use multidose container, the OSD, or ophthalmic squeeze dispenser. This bottle has been designed to keep the VISMED® eye drops free from contaminants for up to 3 months after first use. All this without any preservatives.
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Now, this same award-winning OSD container is also available for VISMED® GEL.
VISMED® GEL has a higher concentration of 0.3% sodium hyaluronate compared to VISMED® (0.18%) and is ideal for more severe symptoms of dry eye and for a longer lasting effect. VISMED® GEL MULTI is indicated in case of symptoms and signs of dry eye and/or ocular surface damage, due to diseases such as superficial keratitis, Sj√∂gren syndrome or primary dry eye syndrome. The VISMED® GEL MULTI bottle is also entirely free from preservatives.
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In the United Kingdom, VISMED® MULTI and VISMED® GEL MULTI are available from pharmacies and opticians as an "over the counter" or "OTC" item. However, both products are also available on the NHS and can be prescribed by your GP or Ophthalmic Consultant.
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