Friday, 29 June 2012

Shoulders and Elbows

TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd supported another event this summer related to sports medicine: the BESS Annual Scientific Meeting held in Torquay (15-17 June 2012). BESS stands for British Elbow and Shoulder Society.
The annual meeting in June attracted many delegates from all parts of the UK, to attend lectures and seminars on the techniques and latest developments in shoulder and elbow surgery and other treatment options.
TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd had a stand at the trade exhibition during the congress, and TRB staff talked to many stand visitors about the benefits of sodium hyaluronate treatments for traumatic and degenerative joint disease in the shoulder and elbow.
OSTENIL® is the only Sodium Hyaluronate product recommended in the formulary for the world-wide sports event in England this year. This fact, coupled with the experience that many of the delegates already had with OSTENIL® and OSTENIL® PLUS, helped to promote the OSTENIL® range as a valid treatment option.
OSTENIL® and OSTENIL® PLUS come in the form of syringes which can be injected into the synovial joint either to prevent or to postpone surgery.
Sodium hyaluronate can also be used post-arthroscopy: VISCOSEAL® replaces the lost synovial fluid that was washed out during the arthroscopic procedure and helps to promote joint homeostasis.
We look forward to supporting other conferences later on in 2012 where we can talk to sports physicians and medical specialists about the benefits of the OSTENIL® range, and on how it can help rehabilitate our sporting champions.