Friday, 18 August 2017

Sports Professionals Choose OSTENIL®

2012 London Olympics

OSTENIL was the only intra-articular sodium hyaluronate product listed in the official 2012 Olympic formulary used by medical staff. 

Football Players

Former international and Premiership footballers, Danny Webber and David Thompson, say that OSTENIL® injections helped them to play for longer at professional level. Please follow the links to listen to former professional players, striker Danny Webber and midfielder David Thompson talk about their experience with the treatment.
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Football Club Physios

Premier League Head of Medical & European Head Physio, Peter Friar, considers OSTENIL® as “underused in a lot of areas”, and states that he has “only ever seen a positive reaction to an OSTENIL® injection”. He noticed the positive effects of OSTENIL® injections because it actually helps to prolong the career of professional players.
Peter recommends the use of OSTENIL® “at the early onset of joint degeneration”, because it “prevents the acceleration of knee injury issues”. He even finds it “crazy that we don’t offer it more often”.

Take-Home Message?

Where surgery is not feasible due to work, or when a professional athlete during the competing season has sports commitments which would make viscosupplementation a preferable treatment option in the interim, OSTENIL® is the viscosupplement of choice for knee and ankle problems.